woman-with-dogThis is an opportunity to honor your pet by letting their story continue, turning death into transformation and a return to life through nature, while at the same time, supporting yourself and your family through the grieving process.


“The Devotion and Unconditional Love Your Pet Gave You Was Probably One of the Best Experiences of Your Life.”

We understand what you are going through.

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Lee-Picture-Frame_350hLee Richter is the CEO of the award-winning Montclair Veterinary Hospital in addition to Holistic Veterinary Care, with a mission to improve health care for pets through natural medicine. Lee is also the founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Pet & Wildlife Fund, which donates more than $100,000 in veterinary services to pets and wildlife in need each year.

Her husband, Dr. Gary Richter, is the medical director for both hospitals and a multi award-winning veterinarian. Together, they created The Pet Concierge to help pet owners like you take the very best care of their furry pals through out their entire lifecycle.

“Over the last decade as CEO of Montclair Veterinary Hospital, Holistic Veterinary Care and The Pet Concierge, I’ve noticed I receive more “Thank You” notes, photos, and thoughtful gifts when we assist clients with end of life issues than at any other time.”

“That’s why I’ve created these 3 tips to help you
during this challenging time.”

Lee Richter

Introducing the Bios Urn


  • Do you wish there was a way your pet could continue to thrive on earth?

  • Or that you could continue your relationship with your pet?

  • The Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn that allows your pet’s ashes to be “reborn” in the form of a tree.

  • This tree will always be there, for you to sit with, enjoy the shade, and to help your pet live on for many, many years.

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