Transform Your Pet's Ashes Into A Tree & Bring Them Back To Life

Hi, I’m Lee Richter, CEO of My Pet Lives On, and I need to tell you the truth about pet loss...

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When a beloved pet passes on, it can be devastating. Often the toughest part of that relationship and bringing a pet into our family is when they leave us and we have to figure out how to let go.

People aren’t always sure how to memorialize their pet.

You want a special way to remember them because they were special to you. They were a vital part of your family.

They deserve a special place in your heart and your memory, but it can difficult to find the right way to carry on that memory and give them a place of honor.

I know how that feels, so first let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I’m sure it’s very tough for you right now.

And that grief you feel is why I think it’s so important that you start planning your memorial right away.


Only when you embrace grief can the healing process begin. And that’s what lets you create a special place for your pet to live on.

I want to introduce you to the My Pet Lives On Bios Urn. It’s a biodegradable urn that turns the ashes of your beloved pet into a pine tree. Creating a living, growing memorial to keep your pet’s spirit with you.


By combining a seed, growth medium for a tree, and your pet’s remains, you will build something that will allow your pet to overcome death.

You can click the big GREEN button below this video to learn more and get your own Bios Urn that works with the ashes your veterinarian can provide.

I know this is a very personal choice, so I want to walk through the process with you. Bios Urn is an awesome new product that helps you create a really wonderful, eco-friendly way to memorialize your pet in your own home.

Here’s how Bios Urn turns your pet’s ashes into a tree that will keep their memory alive.

  • The Bios Urn is divided into two capsules. Start by filling the lower capsule with the remains.
  • Close the bottom capsule by securing the top capsule onto it.
  • Place the seed inside the top capsule.
  • Mix the components with some soil from where you want your tree to grow.
  • Plant your Bios Urn where you want it to grow, about 3 to 5 cm from the soil’s surface.
  • Water and care for your tree. Make sure the Bios Urn has the right moisture the tree needs to grow.

We always include a pine side with the Bios Urn, but you can use the seed of almost any tree that’s native to where you live.

I wanted to share this with you because I think it’s the perfect way to give your pet the living memorial they deserve.

It continues the circle of life and can even be a good teaching tool for any children or grandchildren who are experiencing loss for the first time.

Teach them that death is only a word, only part of the great ongoing experience that exists all around us.

Because, depending on the tree you planted, in just 2 to 12 weeks you’ll see the first memorial sprout and know that your pet’s memory is safe. Small sprouts also provide you with plenty of space for other ways to mark and honor your pet, like with painted sacred rocks and stones.


By using the Bios Urn, you’ll know that your pet is remembered and honored every time that you and your family look at that tree. From the time it first sprouts to the time it reaches higher in the sky than we can.

Click the big GREEN button below and I guarantee you’ll be on your way to creating a memorial that your entire family will cherish for years to come.

You see, I’m not only the CEO of The Pet Concierge, I’m also the CEO of the award-winning Montclair Veterinary Hospital as well as Holistic Veterinary Care. I have a personal mission to improve the care of our pets during their life and the quality of our remembrance after their death.

And the one thing I’ve found is that people never forget their pets, and often need the most help creating a lasting memory. Over the last decade, I’ve received more “Thank You” notes, photos, and thoughtful gifts when we assist clients with end of life issues than at any other time.

Start the healing process by transforming your grief into new life with a living pet memorial in your garden.

Normally the Bios Urn sells for $250, but you can get yours today for only $147. That's 41% off your order (tax and shipping included).

Order your Bios Urn while supplies last.

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