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Wonderful Celebration Opportunities to Honor Your Pet

Your pet may be gone but they’re never forgotten with cremation memorial options.

Our pets are the heart of our families, so it’s no surprise that we’re treating them more like any other member of the family, even when they pass away.

At our sister hospital, Montclair Veterinary Hospital, we’ve noticed that over 80% of pet owners are requesting that their pets be cremated after death.  About 65% percent choose to bring their pet’s ashes home with them.

We no longer want to be separated by the specter of death and be left with only memories – which are often overshadowed by the despair of those final days.

So, people are bringing their pet’s ashes home in order to cope, to grieve.

Unfortunately, in talking with pet owners, we’ve discovered that many people don’t know what to do with their pets’ ashes and often simply keep them in the little wooden boxes they received them in.

One client shared, “I wasn’t sure how to honor [my pet’s] life and what to do with the box of ashes I received from the vet after his cremation. I wanted to do something special since he was such an integral part of my life, but a fancy urn on the shelf didn’t seem like it was right.”

To help our pet owners like you, we’ve gathered some of the top options to honor your pet using their cremated remains.

1. Turn Your Pet’s Ashes into Fireworks

This definitely isn’t for everyone because it’s not a permanent celebration, but it is one of the more creative uses we’ve come across.

You now can commemorate the loss of your beloved pet by scattering their ashes into the sky with a colorful display of fireworks.

There are companies that will safely embed your pet’s ashes into their specially designed fireworks. You can have them create a professional memorial fireworks display or provide you with self-fire tributes.

It turns the remembrance into a final celebration that you can use on any special day, such as when you celebrated your pet’s birthday.

We do slightly caution this use for some dog owners because many dogs were afraid of fireworks during their lives. Celebrate your pet in a way that you think they’d enjoy, so you can avoid any potential bad feelings as you continue to cope and grieve.

2. Turn Your Pet’s Ashes into a Diamond

Our love for our pets is eternal, and we can encase it in a body that will last almost as long by turning your pet’s cremated remains into a diamond.

This is one of the more interesting things we’ve come across, and a few of our friends are trying it out because they can place the stone in a variety of settings for display or even to wear.

The biggest thing to note about the diamond process is that it can take upwards of nine months and will cost thousands of dollars – tens of thousands of dollars for the options we’ve been told provide the most consistent quality.

The process itself is intense and is a chief reason for the cost. Your pet’s ashes will be heated up to more than 5,000 °C, reducing them to purified carbon. This is then placed into a diamond press to create your new gem.

If you go this route, you’ll be one of the few but it may provide you comfort to always have your pet near. This is a great option for small families and single individuals, but can make it more difficult to allow a larger family or one with young children to properly grieve and memorialize your pet.

3. Turn Your Pet’s Ashes into a Tree

If you want to create a living memory of your pet and have something that anyone in your family can visit whenever they need to find comfort, we recommend using a biodegradable urn that is specifically designed to turn your pet’s ashes into a tree.

Planting a tree like this creates a memorial that will live and grow, reminding you of your beloved pet and providing your family with comfort throughout the years.

People have told us that they’ve picked their pet’s favorite fruit tree, native trees where they enjoyed the shade together, and flowering trees to preserve that colorful joy a pet brings into our daily lives.

Our good friend Jill Lublin did this for her cat, Luna, and shared: “It helps me to know she lives on – not only in my heart but also creating more life. The urn is great for closure, great for the planet and helps my sweet Luna live on forever!”

Return your pet to nature in a way that honors their life and can provide you with long-lasting joy and memories. By using the Bios Urn, your pet will never be far from you or your thoughts, continuing to provide you with love and connection.


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